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For children with severe allergic diseases, especially with bronchial asthma, surgery is often contraindicated. Spironolactone of the nasopharyngeal tonsil can worsen the condition and exacerbate the disease. Therefore, they are treated conservatively. To remove or not remove adenoids.

In the special medical literature, it is described that the presence of adenoids in a child is fraught with serious complications. Long-term difficulty in natural breathing through the nose can lead to a delay in the psychomotordevelopment, to incorrect formation of the facial skeleton. Persistent violation of nasal breathing contributes to the deterioration of ventilation of the paranasal sinuses with the possible development of sinusitis.

Hearing may be impaired. The child often complains of pain in the ear, an increased risk of developing chronic inflammation and persistent hearing loss. On top of that, frequent colds, which seem endless to parents, incline the doctor to take drastic measures.

The traditional method of treating children with adenoids is extremely simple - their removal, or aldactone pills. More specifically, we are talking about the partial removal of an excessively enlarged pharyngeal tonsil. It is this enlarged tonsil, which is located in the nasopharynx at the exit from the nasal cavity, that is considered the cause of the child's problems.

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